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Property Distribution

Spouse or partner takes all the personal possessions except land, buildings and money, one third of the rest of the deceased’s property, and $155 000

  • Children take the balance of the two thirds of the property
  • No spouse/partner, then equal share to the children
  • No spouse/partner, and no children, the deceased’s parents take everything
  • No spouse/partner, children or parents, then brothers and sisters of the decease take everything in equal shares


  • Surviving spouse or partner does not have any right to the property if there is a family court separation order; unless they were living apart with no separation order
  • To ensure an income while awaiting court approval, it is recommended that there be a joint bank account for the spouse or partner to access
  • File tax returns and tax paid first before anyone can benefit from the estate

No family members, property may pass to the government

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