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Estate Planning


  • Protect assets against relationship property claims, and children against their spouses or partners
  • Protecting assets against creditors under certain conditions
  • Tax savings on beneficiary income
  • Eligibility for government entitlements (benefits and subsidies) enhanced
  • Control succession of your estate to your children or beneficiaries
  • Protect assets from the possible reintroduction of estate duty or a capital gains tax



  • Executor to carry out the wishes of the as directed in the will


  • An administrator is appointed by the courts to manage the estate, and distribute assets to relatives who are entitled to benefit from the deceased’s estate or make a claim

Beneficiary Priorities

  • Spouse, civil union partner or de facto partner
  • Children (regardless of whether the parents were married)
  • Deceased’s parents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Grandparents
  • Uncles and aunts


A de facto partner is entitled to benefit if:

  • The relationship was for three years or
  • The de facto partner made a substantial contribution to the relationship
  • There is a child from the relationship

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