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About Us

Pilgrim Advisers prepare you to overcome financial challenges, and adapt for lifestyle changes by making provisions to live a life with dignity, and exploring investment opportunities.

We establish relationship and collect data, analyse your profile and prioritise your goals when planning your future. We provide a holistic advisory service to mitigate and manage risk to grow your wealth. We ensure your family and those you care for is provided for first.

Our services are designed to help you to achieve your financial goals and the lifestyle desired. A plan is centred on your current situation, making adjustments to changing circumstances, and projecting future needs by recommending appropriate and suitable solutions.


How long can your expenses be paid if you became sick or injured, and unable to work?

  • Financial distress could impoverish you due to lack of cash flow

Will your family have enough money to live on in the event of your untimely death?

  • Family at risk, and liable for your debt should you pass away

Will you get healthier as you get older?

  • Your health can deteriorate, and preclusion and loading may apply
  • Cost of waiting gets very expensive

Can your partner earn an income, raise and educate the children?

  • Partner may struggle to find a suitable job

What is the right level of protection necessary to service obligations and future family needs?

  • Adequate cover needed to pay debt, maintain lifestyle and provide for future needs


Solution is Insurance

Health and the ability to earn an income are your greatest assets

  • Most cost-effective wealth protection strategy to pay mortgage, debt and funeral expenses; and if invested, it can secure your family’s financial future
  • Insurance is the cheapest form of attaining cash when exposed to risk, and is beneficial in achieving, maintaining and improving your lifestyle
  • Pays a guaranteed benefit, and gives peace of mind knowing that your beneficiaries can maintain, and have a better standard of living after your death
  • Protection against adverse circumstances that may ruin your health, life, and ability to earn income; knowing that funds are available for you and your family in life and death

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